I am a Front End Developer and UX designer from Winnipeg

I started my career by obtaining my Bachelor of Fine Arts (New Media) from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. Although I would never consider myself an artist, my experience getting my Fine Arts degree highlighted the need for a critical eye when creating work. Artists and designers have to be ruthless in their work. Throwing out what doesn't work, and taking chances on things they've never done before.

Front End Development

I started with Flash, when Flash was a thing. As a visual medium, it allowed me to start moving away from drawing assets, to coding flexible and dynamic applications. Being able to program for multiple outcomes hooked me and gave me the skills to transition to HTML, CSS and Javascript.

As a Javascript developer, my primary concern is how I can make my code clean while providing all the bells and whistles people have become accustomed to. Whether I'm using a framework like Vue.js or Angular js, or simply creating my own filtering and display functions, I crave simplicity and clear, easy to read code.

Another reason for simplicity is accessibility. As more and more businesses realize just how unfriendly the web is for people with disabilities, accessibility has become a buzz word in the industry. But what has that meant for developers? For me it's meant a shift in my process of simply creating, to ensuring every element on the page has a purpose, and that purpose is clear and meaningful to the user. As focus has shifted, my role has become ensuring the proper use of Aria roles, and extensive testing and refactoring of existing HTML and Javascript code. As this need expands for businesses, significant resources will need to be put towards the proper development of accessible web applications.

UX Designer

UX design to me is a process of finding solutions to problems. How do we move people through our applications as painlessly as possible and encourage them to do what we want, how we want? We all have used websites that caused us to abandon a task. Whether it was too time intensive, or we just got confused, it was a failure of the user experience that killed it. My role has been to simplify the web for the end user. All the tricks and inside knowledge of the web does not extend to the average user, so it is only responsible to research our users; find their pain points and desires; and then create strategies to get them through to their goals.

Utilizing a team of people, with different knowledge bases and experiences will always be preferable to individuals taking guesses about what people want to see. Research, Sketch, Develop, Repeat.



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Sheena Gibbs

Front End Developer & UX Designer